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Live safer and happier with care from family.

Stop paying a halfhearted stranger.

Reward your loved ones for caring for you.

Where else can you find a promise of better living- being taken care of by your daughter? Through FreedomCare. Individuals eligible for Medicaid Long Term Care regain control of their homecare with New York state’s CDPAP program. Get the freedom to select, train, and manage your own trusted caregiver, and enjoy compensating loved ones for their help; so they can give you the attention you need.

It’s the freedom to choose and live better.

As a leading NYC CDPAP agency, FreedomCare helps you reclaim your right to health and happiness. When golden age, illness or disability arrives, we give you the power to appoint and pay a reliable loved one to care for you. They understand your needs best, and now you can give them the liberty to aid you without risking financial distress.

Select your caregiver

It’s your right

When power is in the hand of a hired stranger, your best interest is rarely at heart. That’s why we grant you complete control over your homecare. Whether it’s a trusted neighbor, lifelong friend, or even a family member*, FreedomCare lets you employ the perfect assistant. Don’t settle for someone who’s merely paid for your care. Choose one who lives for it.

*Excludes assigned representative. Other restrictions may apply.

Free yourself of confusion.

In the state of liberty.

New York State is known for its fragmented, maze-like healthcare system. So as a go-to agency for Medicaid managed care organizations, we follow a compassionate model that represents the future of healthcare: Our experts guide you through the CDPAP process to eliminate confusion, expedite results, and hold your hand at every step.

Enjoy better living.

And better health.

We are inspired by the belief that compassion and stability build health. Your loved ones know you best, and are able to anticipate your needs and ensure comfort like no stranger ever could. That’s why FreedomCare enables you to pay your personal assistant nicely, which ensures that financial stress never compromises the integrity of your care.

“FreedomCare made it possible for me to hire and fairly compensate my son for his time and endless sacrifice during my recovery. Most importantly, I received the loving care and stability of family. That’s something a stranger could never provide!”

Abigail J., Bronx

“I used traditional homecare services the first time around, but the constant stress of revolving aides, lack of communication, and inconvenient scheduling actually did more to damage than to help my health. I can thank FreedomCare for helping me discover independence so late in life. Surrounding myself with the ones I love has done wonders for my continued strength and emotional wellbeing.”

Madelyn I., Queens


“When I became permanently homebound I found myself calling on a longtime neighbor for daily assistance. I couldn’t help but feel I was taking advantage of his kindness, even though he was more than willing to help. That anxiety went away when we joined FreedomCare. Now I can offer my friend respectable compensation for his trouble. The program has benefited his family as much as it has mine.”

Albert F., New York City


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To life, liberty, and the pursuit of loving care.

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